Welcome to Velocity Bulldogges. We are located in Central Texas. Velocity Bulldogges is not just another kennel we have been raising and breeding olde english bulldogges exclusively for twelve plus years and, in this time have formed a very consistent bloodline of bulldogges. We are a small family run kennel that deals in high quality olde english bulldogges. On average we only have one to two litters a year and only breed when  we have the utmost quality of bulldogges for the pairing.

Pictured above owner of Velocity Bulldogges Mr. Ben Hylton with (left) Velocity's Ghengis Khan 10 years old  and (right) Velocity's Tonka Truck 13 years old.
A Velocity Bulldogge must have form and proper function. Our breeding's are planned months in advance and all serve a purpose to make a better Bulldogge than the last generation. We do not buy better bulldogges we make them. We will breed our bulldogges down to the most minute of details. We would like all of our customers to get the same satisfaction and joy that we have out of a true Olde Bulldogge.
A working class bulldogge with speed, health, clean breathing, heat and cold tolerance, athleticism that rivals other breeds of working dogs. The Velocity Olde English Bulldogge. We hope you enjoy your visit to our site. We have taken the time to help the best we can in your quest for knowledge of the breed and in your search for that special family member. 
Please feel free to browse our site, there is a wealth of information here for you to gain before your venture into owning a Olde English  Bulldogge. Thank You for visiting us!
Our dogs have been under the guidance of professional handlers and trainers. They have exceeded the expectations. Bulldogges from our Bloodline get the job done because of there spirit and love for there master. We have tested our dogs and dogs from the bloodline have been titled and hold records in events Such as therapy, weight pull, agility, personal protection. Our bulldogges understand and, adapt to your day to day life. We would be honored if you would consider us for your new family member first.
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